I really like the precision in your work. A reworked, innovative De Stijl style.

Ralph Kerle, contemporary abstract art photographer

Sarah was great to collaborate with. I told her my vision and she came up with a few ideas to choose from. We worked together to tweak & then she created the piece just as we had discussed. Her lines are perfect! She was really great about communication and the piece was made in a very timely manner. I am very happy with the piece.

My husband told me over the weekend he really likes [the] piece! He usually leaves [decor] to me, the fact that he said something is big!

Terri, collector

The simple and beautiful color combos are delicate while also being bold and powerful. The perfect yin and yang.

Cassie Kruemcke, Owner, WirrWarr Wraps

I bought the Meridian design in blue. It’s awesome. Perfect fit, and totally ties the room together.

Jason, collector

Minimalism is so difficult to do and you do it so beautifully.

Sarah Gee Miller, contemporary painter


Dom Franciose, abstract expressionist painter

It is PERFECT!!!! The energy totally shifted in our room - for the better - when I brought this [piece] in.

Michelle, collector